Winter 2024 – Yes this club still exists!

Hello everyone! I realized I’ve done a very poor job of keeping the club up-to-date, but I’ve been crazy busy! A little over a year ago I started a new job to help fund the building of a new shop out in Frenchtown. Working full time has definitely reduced my ability to juggle the construction, the club and website, and any free time. Rest assured that I’m working toward a better balance however!

Last summer I bought a Kubota SVL 75-3 tracked loader and started on the initial excavation work. I’ll be renting an excavator sometime this spring to finish off what I couldn’t get with the Kubota. It’s my intention to get the foundation in ASAP and work on the structure this summer. I will definitely update everyone once I get a little closer to operational!

Here’s some pictures of the future home of the shop.

Let me know if you really like moving large rocks or if you have experience with concrete pours! 😀

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