The Last Days of the MMCSL! (Updated!)

[UPDATE] The club will continue on for now, as Andy attempts to find new space. Please consider the club as virtual at this point, and direct all enquiries to our Discord server.

[Original Post]

The MMCSL (Missoula Makers Club Secret Lair/ “The Shop”) has been a wonderful home for almost three years now, and has come so far since we first moved into it. We’ve built an incredible number of things in that time, and learned a ton along the way. We’ve rebuilt lasers, modified our CNC and many of our 3d printers, and built out storage for lumber, electronics, and all sorts of stuff. We’ve built computers (large and small!), networked out the entire shop, and even created this website (twice!).

So it’s with a heavy heart that I share the news that the MMC and MMCSL will be permanently closing in May of this year. Kyle and Andy (the main proprietors of the club) are both moving on to new chapters of their respective lives, and will no longer be in the Missoula area. Kyle will be moving to Central Montana to run his main business and Andy will be moving to Europe to pursue new adventures. In the meantime, club business will continue as normal, but we ask that all club members (past and present) take some time to stop by the shop and collect their goods by May. In May we will close the shop and begin moving or liquidating our assets at the MMCSL, with everything gone by May 31st. [EDIT] MMCSL is now closed.

A big huge THANK YOU goes out to all the wonderful supporters of the MMC we’ve had over the years, as none of this would have ever been possible without you!

If you have any questions or need get in contact with the team, please stop by during business hours or email us at

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