Gift Certificate for two hours of instruction of your choosing (Laser design/3d printing)


This is a gift certificate for a two hour session of personalized instruction on either laser cutting or 3D printing.



This is a gift certificate for a personalized two hour class in one of the following:

  • Laser cutting design – Learn to design for the laser, then learn how to use the laser to etch and/or cut your design. We will be using Affinity Designer (a cheaper alternative to Adobe Illustrator), but any vector-oriented software will work (including Inkscape, which is free). Students will get to cut and keep their designs at the end of class or can pick them up the next day. (Limited to material).
  • 3D printing – Learn to design for 3D fabrication, then learn to use either our FDM (filament) or SLA (resin) printers to make your design. Students will get to print their designs in the color of their choosing at the end of class and can pick up the prints after the next day. (Limited to material).

Classes can be scheduled at your convenience. Any age is welcome, but we ask that minors are accompanied by an adult. Class must be redeemed within six (6) months of purchase.


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