Winter 2024 – Yes this club still exists!

Hello everyone! I realized I’ve done a very poor job of keeping the club up-to-date, but I’ve been crazy busy! A little over a year ago I started a new job to help fund the building of a new shop out in Frenchtown. Working full time has definitely reduced my ability to juggle the construction, … Read more

Spring 2023 is here!

Another winter has finally started to pass us by. With spring comes new blooms, new skies, and new projects! I personally just finished a round of updates to my truck, and will be working on one of my oldest 3d printers this month as well. Anyone else out there excited to be working outside again? … Read more

Fall 2022 Updates!

It’s been a very busy year, full of change! This spring we were forced to close up our “Maker Space” (the MMCSL) and unfortunately lost a few of our core members as well to new life opportunities. However, this does not mean the MMC is dead! I (Andy) started a new FT position this fall … Read more

The Last Days of the MMCSL! (Updated!)

[UPDATE] The club will continue on for now, as Andy attempts to find new space. Please consider the club as virtual at this point, and direct all enquiries to our Discord server. [Original Post] The MMCSL (Missoula Makers Club Secret Lair/ “The Shop”) has been a wonderful home for almost three years now, and has … Read more

Holiday Fairs!! (Updated)

Good news, everyone! We are now officially in the Missoulian’s “Ultimate Craft Fair” which will be held at the University Center Ballroom at the University of Montana on Saturday, November 13th. We will be available for questions and showing off our work (which will be for sale) from 9am to 3pm. Come see what we’ve … Read more

What does DIY really mean?

The word (okay, acronym!) DIY is thrown around a lot nowadays, but what does it really mean? To many, it invokes images of installing a faucet or building your own table. But the true heart of “DIY” is simply knowing (or learning) enough to understand how the objects that we interact with on a daily … Read more

A list of our current capabilities!

We continue to work both on our shop and workspace, and our website as well. As part of that effort, we will be putting out some additional content on the site detailing all of our capabilities. In the meantime, here’s an abbreviated list of what we have and can do: 2’x2′ CNC router – capable … Read more